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Gum Disease Risk factors

  • Smoking is a major risk factor to your oral health. Not only do the chemicals in tobacco have a harmful effect on your oral tissues, but can deplete vitamin C and other nutrients and reduce your resistance to periodontal disease.

  • A poor diet is also a contributing factor, especially a diet high in sugars and other sticky or gummy carbohydrates and low in the minerals and vitamins needed for healthy gums, teeth and bones.

  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy increase the blood supply to certain tissues in the body including the gums. As a result, pregnant women may experience red, tender or bleeding gums.

  • Stress can also be a contributing factor because it diminishes your body’s ability to fight infection. Diabetes, AIDS and other health conditions can lower resistance to gum disease.

  • Poorly aligned teeth or poorly fitted partial dentures or bridges.

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