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Proper Tools for Cleaning Around Crowns, Implants and Bridges ...

Dental bridges, crowns and implants take special attention when caring for your overall oral health. With a dental bridge the key is cleaning efficiently under the abutment tooth (replaces the tooth that is missing) to ensure food or bacteria won’t get trapped underneath. For a crown and implant depending on the shape of them, there may be more food and plaque getting trapped in and around the adjacent teeth. Cleaning Aids for Dental Bridge, Implant, or Crown SuperFloss: Starts with a stiff end of floss for threading under bridge, followed by a fluffier middle section of floss for filling the space under the abutment and ending with regular floss for cleaning the remaining teeth. Interdental Brushes: A small cylindrical brush used to clean in between teeth and comes in a variety of sizes. Easier to use if the dental bridge is located further back in the mouth and difficult to thread superfloss under. *When cleaning an implant, make sure it doesn’t have a metal wire component to avoid scratching the implant under the crown.* Waterpik: A pulsating water device used to clean around difficult to reach areas with regular floss. To find which tool is right for you be sure to ask your dental professional at your next check-up and cleaning appointment. Peterborough Periodontics


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