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Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation (CPE)

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A yearly comprehensive periodontal evaluation, or CPE, is recommended to assess your periodontal health and identify conditions such as periodontal disease that may need additional treatment.

What is a Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation?

A Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation, or CPE, is a way to assess your periodontal health by examining:

  • Your teeth

  • Your plaque

  • Your gums

  • Your bite

  • Your bone structure

  • Your risk factors

Why do I need a comprehensive periodontal evaluation?

By assessing your oral health on an annual basis, you and your periodontist will know how healthy your mouth is, and will be better able to notice any conditions, such as periodontal disease, that may need additional treatment.

Your Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation Checklist

To help you learn more about the state of your oral health, the Academy has developed a Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation checklist. Download the checklist, print it out, and bring it to your next periodontal appointment. Check off each step of the evaluation as your periodontist completes your exam and be sure to ask if you have any questions about the evaluation or about your oral health.(AAP)

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